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The average consumer sees up to 5 million ads per year, with only about 18% believing what they see or taking the step to contact the business, our approach is focused on the power of relationships and strategic planning coupled with management to bring more awareness to your brand, product, or organization.


Positioning You for The Win.

We are a Boutique PR & Management Agency that services clients all around the world with the philosophy, of power in partnerships, cultivation of relationships and consistency.
Jennifer Yon Agency includes a network of skilled professionals, certified experts and effective communicators. We look at each client as a priority, our services are not cookie cutter because we believe great success is achieved when you break out of the box, creativity is the force that drives our purpose. The services we offer cover a wide spectrum ranging from planning to execution. We don’t take on clients unless we are confident, we can be a goal achievement partner.
Jennifer Yon Agency has successfully supported a numerous of clients in the medical, education, government, sports, hospitality and more. We have worked diligently to develop new revenue streams or improve existing policies and procedures. We are accustomed to working with all industries including entrepreneurs. From startups to nationals our motto is… your success is our success.

“When You Do What You Love, It Shows.”

Public Relations can be the driving force that determines where you brand is seen and the map it takes to get there. PR Planning can be an intensive process, our approach is simple… dig deep into your goals, image, audience and stats of the industry, all while adding creative ideas focused on hitting the objectives set.

We are ready and prepared to pitch or launch your brand, help identify and focus on the audience of interest and build relationships. The key to success is maintaining a healthy relationship with a positive network that adds value not just absorb, with our on-going relationship with community leaders, expert entrepreneurs, reporters, editors, bloggers, graphic designers and social media Influencer, we are geared and equipped to be an asset towards your achievement.

During our initial consultation a road map is developed, analyzing the stages of the project while aligning your call to action to your target audience, then the real work begins. Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Now, take the next move and schedule your discovery session today.

Strategic Planning involves the development and execution of creative initiatives needed for goal accomplishment. Creating a customized plan that positions and directs opportunities and relationships is the framework of the services provided. Each client is different, however having the business accolades in multiple industries gives us the power to secure resources while developing numerous models to assist in strategic decision-making that is beneficial and aligned with the overall desired outcome.

Are you tired of doing business along? Do you want a fresh perspective, clear direction, a second set of eyes and ears or just someone to discuss your ideas with?
What challenges are you facing and if you could accomplish one thing as a result of your investment, what would it be? Let’s climb together by taking your business ideas, create viable plans, execute them, and dominate your industry by turning your passions into profits and ideas into reality. Now,take the next move and schedule your discovery session today.

Our passion, our product. After years of working with small businesses, charities and national brands, the clarity of what’s needed for exposure through growth was implemented in IBA Success Magazine. IBA Success Magazine is a marketing campaign geared towards promoting world-wide on a multi-level platform, the innovative action approach delivers brand awareness, build revenue streams while connecting our advertisers to their target audience.

Each edition is focused on a select theme pertaining to our advertiser’s demographic audience. IBA Success Magazine is devoted to providing cost effective options that are designed to help reach your greatest potential, rather we are creating an ad campaign for IBA or radio, TV, magazine, billboards or sponsorship of one of our affiliate partners. The mission is simple-to provide attractive, consistent and strategic advertising guidance while we cultivate relationships.

IBA Success Campaign include on-line digital viewing with over 7K online subscribers and over 6K hard copy subscribers world-wide. Our full color, high quality print edition is paired with a GR coded promo card that is strategically placed in high trafficked areas pertaining to the audience of that edition, from weekly events to retail spaces, automobile dealers, restaurants, hotels, medical and education facilities, IBA Success Magazine offers exposure unlike the traditional publications. Our email and text message database have grown to over 100K subscribers combined and with our added benefit of rotation of your ad on our growing social media platforms you are bound to get the attention your purpose deserves.

Unlike other publications, we believe its not about selling an ad, but creating a bridge between your services, products and next client. Are you ready to secure your campaign, contact us to discuss your target audience?

Without important business management services, and an active skilled staff many great ideas will fail to be realized or goals, budgets and timelines will not be met, and the business or brand could risk the opportunity to reach its full potential.

Management Services & Consulting with Jennifer Yon Agency are customized and could include a variety of services based off the goals set during the discovery consultation. All services are available as a comprehensive package or a la carte, depending on your needs you could be serviced in-house or referred out to one of our partners.
Services could range from event planning, simple bank account reconciliation, tax preparation, contract negotiation, virtual corporate office leasing, securing contracts or strategic coaching to determine the course needed.

Our goal when working with each client is focused on reducing operational costs while increasing its efficiency making set goals more obtainable. Why go at it alone, if you can have motivated professionals at your disposal. Are you ready to take your business to the next level, lets chat to determine how we may be of service?


Event Management
Developing, Promoting and managing events requires strategic guidance before, during and after. We are there with our clients each step of the way to help manage the process of targeted outreach, coordinating and liaising with sponsors, attendees and creating a retrieval process to conduct post-event follow up. Our project-based approach has always been a great success for our clients. Are you ready to plan and profit from your events? Contact us now.

Customized Strategy turns into Success

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