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"You may not think you need PR, I beg to differ."

As an individual or business, you may not think you need to pay much attention to public relations. However, I beg to differ, when it comes to branding, marketing and promoting yourself, company or event, PR is the strongest and most important tool needed to attract and maintain the attention of your next sale or increase awareness of your product, services or organization with the concentration of goal achievement.

How you create and deliver your company's “Call to Action” is crucial to your next potential consumers. "Great public relations will present you as the solution to your buyers’ problem and can also provide legitimacy for a business. It’s been proven if a media influencer or third party validates a business, product or service, it creates more value and demonstrates strong credibility, which is great for brand building, results and success.

"Telling your story in a positive article, customer reviews, or targeted social media activity is a key.” As with any decision a wise person should first consider the end desired outcome, by hiring Jennifer Yon, she focuses on 1st understanding first, Secondly, creating a strategic plan with execution in the direction of your success. As a PR, “I recommend setting 10 to 25 percent of your earnings into a budget for Public Relations, Marketing & Advertising.” 

You may ask Me… 

How can you help me, and my answer will always remain the same.

· I can help establish clear, measurable goals for your business.

· I can assist in determine the best strategy to achieve your goals.

· I can assist in the development and execution.

· I can review your results, survey your audience and establish new goals.

"Let’s Climb Together is the golden phrase that guides Jennifer’s work, her passion in creating plans with manageable steps and being on the front seat of her client’s success is her prime focus. 

Don't expect results overnight building brand awareness takes time.

 “It's imperative to understand that PR can be a slow and steady approach. Consistency is the law, therefore don't expect to see results overnight, building brand awareness and name recognition takes time, the long-term benefit however, solidifies a solid foundation for your business to expand. 

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