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Jennifer Yon has touched the lives of individuals, groups, strangers and friends with her emotional yet encouraging story of struggle to success, from a single mom on public assistance with a short-term life in view topping 378 pounds at her heaviest, to a fierce CEO. Jennifer was always been a motivator behind the scene now with changing her lifestyle, learning how to Love Herself First, she has raised to the top, stepping strongly into her GREATNESS while shedding the hurt, pain, disappointment and burdens life placed on her shoulders throughout the journey.

As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of IBA-Innovative Business Associates LLC., a business development firm which has guided hundreds of entrepreneurs into turning their passion into profits, Jennifer found her true calling. Through her own self-work and discovery IBA Success Magazine, a Global Marketing campaign with the focus targeted on telling the story of Entrepreneurs and Leaders was birthed in 2014. Jennifer’s passion is outline in her publication, speaking engagements or presence at events while she interacts with your audience as Red-Carpet Host, MC or Media Coverage.

Jennifer’s courage and determination has touched and inspired fans worldwide and helped may discover their talents, passions and infinite power to prevail against all odds.  Jennifer is currently working on her first book and audio recordings to provide uninterrupted support and guidance to those seeking her knowledge, her extraordinary story of transforming her own life from obesity and depression to boldness, dedication, loving life and doing what she loves guides her mission to teach others that it is possible to do the same. Today, Jennifer uses her life pains and lessons for purpose, teaching others how to accomplish set goals while doing what you love and living a life taping into their limitless potential.

Jennifer is a true Floridan, mother, grandmother, daughter and sister residing in Orlando, Florida yet travels wherever her voice is requested from one-on-one sessions to stages Internationally

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Some of Jennifer's Speeches:

  • Packaging for Profits
  • Successful Fundraising 
  • Overcoming The Statistics
  • Identifying Your Customer
  • The Importance of Marketing
  • Turning Your Passion Into Profit
  • Being successful as a TEEN MOM

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